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重要告示 Important Notices



本網站所載之信息僅供閣下參考之用,不能替代專業建議。SENvice 並不保證或表示或確保本網站所載之信息為正確、全面或最新的。SENvice 概不負責 閣下因倚賴本網站之信息或由此而招致之任何損失及損害。

SENvice 內提供的第三方網站或網址連接只為方便閣下。SENvice 不保證這些連接上所提供的任何和資料和信息的準確性、完整性、充分性、及時性和可靠性。

SENvice 保留根據任何理由隨時對本網站信息進行刪減、修改或增加的權利,而無須給予任何事前通知。

SENvice 保留對本網站及其內容的所有權利。


如閣下向 SENvice 網站 提供註冊或訂閱電子信息所需的個人資料或信息,則表示 閣下已經瞭解並接受閣下個人資料或信息為實現該特定目的使用。


All information contained in this website is meant for your own reference only and is not intended nor should constitute as any professional advice. SENvice does not warrant or represent or assure that any information contained in this website is complete and accurate nor is up to date. SENvice will not accept any liability for any of your loss or damage howsoever arising from or in reliance upon the contents of this website.

Websites or URLs of third party in this website are only provided for your convenience. SENvice does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, adequacy, timeliness and reliability of any data and information provided by these URLs.


SENvice reserves the right to delete, modify or supplement the contents of this website at any time and for any reason without prior notification.


SENvice reserves all its rights of this website and its content.

Privacy Policy

If you provide personal information required for registering or subscribing to the electronic information, it means you have understood and accepted your personal information for this specific purpose.

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